Thursday, 28 February 2013

NEW status?!

alhamdulillah to infinity :)
Its official! My status..changed!

as a mukminah?
as a good daughter?
as a teacher?
as a member of Gryffindor? erk. =.=

ouh well,
Im now officially engaged to someone I never spoke to >__<

well, it was all unexpected..
I didnt plan I wanna get engaged by early this year since I dont have anyone yet(before)
my mother was about to set me up with my relative on my baba's side.
I was panicked when my sister informed me. I was afraid.
afraid of my journey and future commitment for my dakwa activities
afraid of having a person who unable to understands my nature.
yes, in other word..FREAKED out!

I dont know who to tell(human).
I called my foster mother..since I dont have anyone to turn to.
I explained my situations and emotions
Obviously, Im PANICKED.

About few days after I told her. around 6a.m. in the morning,
as I woke up to perform my subr prayer..
I received a text from her.
Informed me that someone she knows interested on me =.=
i was like..seriously?!
the news was not soothing at all!
I feel tight. surrounded by conflicts.
it was like breathing with limited air supply =/

all I can do is..Istikharah. keep on prayin n prayin...
and alot of putting everything on god, allahu allah!

later after lots of istikarah(s)
Well, i began to take a hold onto myself.
I feel wiser.
about a week later, my foster mother asked me whether I accept it or not.
n Im confident for a 'Yes'.

haha! XD

so, continue with more n more istikarah(s), (better to do it straight 3 month)
n I can't see anything bad stopping me from my decision
and alhamdulillah, I had made my choice.

Now, we are getting to know each other, still no dating :)
Well, i want my first date will be after nikah(legally married)!

now, frankly im seeing a clearer view for the marattibul amal:
always purify our intention to do it for the sake of Allah S.W.T!

Well, as quoted, good women for good men!
(u can refer the quran as an excellent reference if u aint believin me)
as a conclusion,
you dont need to much focus on finding your soul mate,
it is not a huge priority in life as you were born for all the other right reasons!
If fated he/she is the matter what u do@did still it will be the same person who will soon be an important person in your life.
fated? no one can stop it as they r destined to be with each other~

Do focus on our efforts n contributions toward the benefits of mankind.
Indeed, its a priority!
Live ur life as a mukminin@mukminah to the fullest
May Allah bless yll always :)

hoping he will guide me so, I will accompany him to jannah, ameen.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


assalamualaikum! peops
oh my it has been ages..
for ALMOST TWO YEARS?! oh my!

im aging, n it seems like this blog is too dusty
its a really pathetic apology to dearest reader since i have not update anything for almost 2 years i guess. well, thank you for reading my views in this blog **appreciated!**
well, makes me think of remembers something...
oh yes, the fundamentals of dakwa..
i give out something good and I will not expect anything in return since anybody can be a daie(preacher) and a mad'u(victim of the preachers, =.= uh oh)
got lots of thing happened to me for the past 2 years

maybe because i am too attached to my twitter and instagram account ^__^
maybe... >,<

oh well, something happened to me. yes, successfully finished my matriculation program :)
my main course is bio-physics-chemistry
and now im continuing my degree in computer science!
it seems that I have to be attach to baba..collaborate with him yea..IT stuff :)

I was too excited and nervous at the same time the moment im receiving a text only introduces me to dc10 code with no university name contained.
frankly, it was like a struck of thunder wondering since the online method is not available.

suffocated. not sure where i am headed to, rush to the restroom n yes i took my ablution
it was around 10-11 a.m. in the morning almost noon, nothing crosses my mind except for the best to be fated by god.
i prayed. dhuha prayer. done.
at that time, daily routine at home, i am doing my chores. holding a broomstick..
continuing my duty as the main maid after my former bibik went back to Sumatra, marrying her fiancee.

all i can do is all zikr.
why? reflex? because of too anxious? or hoping for a bonus?

until the clock tick strike to 12a.m.
i rushed to my macbook. online.

at first i was mesmerized by my university's name. UniSZA. it sounds fabulous, contemporary i guess.
i had no knowledge on my university's location, so i googled.
n yes, my jaw dropped!
it was like a bomb! booming in my eyes as I can only focus on the state.

i was like oh my, i was supposed to be blessed n thankful..
i remind myself, for every events, affairs, it aint happen for no reasons
so, im okay with it, but my parents? not!

they want me to transfer to IIUM@UIAM, nearby my former school and my home.
I can feel the tension on my baba. I know how much he will be worry when I am not around him.
Still, he looked at me like I am his little girl. sobs.

lastly, he agreed to send me to unisza without exchanging to any other campus nearby my home as one of my mom's mate convinced her that UniSZA is a good place :)

well, alhamdulillah to infinity! UniSZA is indeed a peaceful place
the Masjid is beautiful and before this known as KuSZA and UDM n now its UniSZA!

with long distance walk to class, floods, rains, friends, n major is the knowledge and experiences gained and will be gained here :)

its a place with lots of muslimah for FKI, the islamic contemporary faculty. i can see lots of niqabis. which is extra peace lol

hope I will survive here, with codings n softwares to be involve with :)
I hope for the same to you guys too.
let us all reflect this wise reminder lets be a successor on both akhirah and dunya :)

may Allah bless y'll fi dunya wal akhirah and provide y'll ease in any affairs afflict, ameen :)

Happy Ibadah!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

=) life

In the name of ALLAH Most GRACIOUS Most MERCIFUL.

alhamdulillah! to my dearest LORD..the most HIGH!!

it has been a while i didn't update my blog.. asif jiddan! =='''
well, today..i kinda have the mood to tap my fingers on my keyboard of my lappy... DUST?? its all over my lappy..

since i become a BFF to my IPAD.

shyly to share my experience...

I have been growing  up in a very dintict way to compare to other normal teenagers. it is a norm thing if u've seen a group of teenagers going out and have some fun together....

but NOT ME

include camping!(organized by my school) 
but my mom..shes incredible..
she did let me do it but only once just to get familiar with the usage of public transport. (=
Was educated in PRIVATE school..from primary to secondary
Never hired a driver, afraid if theres a driver who wants to do kidnapping..
Its like living under a huge CCTV focusin on me.
Hired a bibik(maid) to lessen the burden of household chores..i do ot need to do ironings..
( mom trains me like a bibik)

i am here in my college
I was extremely excited when..
I ride on a bus.
go out with my friends..
until i dont kno whats left to do...


it didn't take a long time to figure out something precious...
out of the blue.. a single question pops out...


why i cant be like em? why me and my sisters been keep inside? why?????
my DAD is a critical thinker. he LOVES me and my dear sisters soo much and AWARE of his responsibilities...
HE kept us inside..HIDDEN..away from this polluted world.

at first i take it personally and I am quite rebellious as I tried to seek freedom.
I flash back the word FREEDOM.. what is FREEDOM actually?
when i go back to basic...since infinity...

before we were born do you know that we are a LOVER of ALLAH SWT???
WE LOVE ALLAH SOO MUCH... just to prove whether we really LOVES ALLAH..
we AGREE to be sent down to the earth to be TESTIFY with soo many CIRCUMSTANCES....


do u kno that...
we, the Muslim have a weak spirit..and that is why we were born as a MUSLIM.
WHILE..the STRONG spirit born as a non-MUSLIM.
subhanallah! ALLAH is all-knowing!

SMILE for every moment in your life...
either hard or ease...
every events happend in our lives have its own reasons. just be thankful and work for your aims!
because ALLAH is the master of all plannings. the ALL-KNOWING, most gracious, and the only ONE!

I FEEL LUCKY..and alhamdulillah O' ALLAH.. for every nikmah that u give me!
AL-FATIHAH for our beloved prophet muhammad S.A.W.

AL-FATIHAH for our parents who have done soo much of sacrifice for each one of us!
human being is never perfect. so does our self. parents teachers...ALL of us..


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

ALHAMDULILLAH. actions speak louder than words =)


alhamdulillah, im on my way to become a 24/7 purdah lover.
Where now, i begin to wear it n i feel so great n secure!
alhamdulillah. only allah knows how do i feel on wearing it.
it is better to wear it than never! =D
what for do u need to judge a women who wears purdah but  the fact is shes tremendously happy-go-lucky?? and then judging her..
same GOES for the free-hairs.
it'll make things worst! if all u pointed out are the negative ideologies or effects. OPPRESSED much. TT,TT
how about thinking what u can produce rather than blockin it at the first place?

WE should be ASHAMED of our sins that we had committed..not on our 'AMAL or good deeds.
i believed that most of peop nowadays r always look at ones fault rather than sees the bright side of it.

plus, i think by wearing burqa purdah, niqab...etc
can protect us from being disturb
n as i can see that i do protects me from perfoming the HARAMs such as zina(heart..etc)
wait! what is zina? its FORNICATION~

Zina (Arabicالزنا‎ ) in Islam is extramarital sex and premarital sexIslamic law prescribes punishments for Muslim men and women for the act of Zina.
Islamic law considers this prohibition to be for the protection of men and women and for the respect of marriage. Zina is considered one of the great sins in Islam.

moreover, it is the best way to PREVENT zina..
we got heart type of zina.
maybe unconsciously we are contributing sins on men as they sees our face..or maybe our smiles. that could make him keep on flashing back our face n make him comminting zina?
who knows?.wallahualam, allah knows the best. because only ALLAH know ones intentions are.

 i think i should continuously practise good behaviors like setting OTT(OVER THE TOP) actions with boundaries..
n also good thoughts such as feeling comfortable of what I think that i had done is not wrong n it is benificial.

if this step will bring me feels closer to my dear ALLAH, I will do it even if i got several disagreements from my close mates+relatives.
O' ALLAH guide us all for every actions we're going to perform.
n bless us for our every ibadah that we had made.ameen.

do not bring our ibadah as in the dead form to present it to u later in akhirah, nauzubillah min zaalikk.
insyallah. ill update my blog in the future =)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

it has the answers 
to every question worth asking
to every anxiety and worry
to every issue and problem
for every person's circumstances
it has the solution and answer - you just need to seek it out from The Qur'an and Sunnah

 it's complete! ♥

Wednesday, 4 May 2011



Life is a Test,
Islam is the best,
Salat is a must,
Aakhirat is for the rest,
World is only a dust,
If Quran is in the chest,
nothing need next,
Obey ALLAH first.
Success will be next.
=) may ALLAH bless y’ll~ ameen.



 i miss my BFF, 


& sAME GOES to al of my other SOHABAH =) 

i MISS them all~


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