Thursday, 28 February 2013

NEW status?!

alhamdulillah to infinity :)
Its official! My status..changed!

as a mukminah?
as a good daughter?
as a teacher?
as a member of Gryffindor? erk. =.=

ouh well,
Im now officially engaged to someone I never spoke to >__<

well, it was all unexpected..
I didnt plan I wanna get engaged by early this year since I dont have anyone yet(before)
my mother was about to set me up with my relative on my baba's side.
I was panicked when my sister informed me. I was afraid.
afraid of my journey and future commitment for my dakwa activities
afraid of having a person who unable to understands my nature.
yes, in other word..FREAKED out!

I dont know who to tell(human).
I called my foster mother..since I dont have anyone to turn to.
I explained my situations and emotions
Obviously, Im PANICKED.

About few days after I told her. around 6a.m. in the morning,
as I woke up to perform my subr prayer..
I received a text from her.
Informed me that someone she knows interested on me =.=
i was like..seriously?!
the news was not soothing at all!
I feel tight. surrounded by conflicts.
it was like breathing with limited air supply =/

all I can do is..Istikharah. keep on prayin n prayin...
and alot of putting everything on god, allahu allah!

later after lots of istikarah(s)
Well, i began to take a hold onto myself.
I feel wiser.
about a week later, my foster mother asked me whether I accept it or not.
n Im confident for a 'Yes'.

haha! XD

so, continue with more n more istikarah(s), (better to do it straight 3 month)
n I can't see anything bad stopping me from my decision
and alhamdulillah, I had made my choice.

Now, we are getting to know each other, still no dating :)
Well, i want my first date will be after nikah(legally married)!

now, frankly im seeing a clearer view for the marattibul amal:
always purify our intention to do it for the sake of Allah S.W.T!

Well, as quoted, good women for good men!
(u can refer the quran as an excellent reference if u aint believin me)
as a conclusion,
you dont need to much focus on finding your soul mate,
it is not a huge priority in life as you were born for all the other right reasons!
If fated he/she is the matter what u do@did still it will be the same person who will soon be an important person in your life.
fated? no one can stop it as they r destined to be with each other~

Do focus on our efforts n contributions toward the benefits of mankind.
Indeed, its a priority!
Live ur life as a mukminin@mukminah to the fullest
May Allah bless yll always :)

hoping he will guide me so, I will accompany him to jannah, ameen.



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